Salamanca Market

Yesterday we held our first stall at Salamanca Market in Hobart. After an early and chilly start, we managed to secure a site at the top end near Davey Street where were welcomed by the friendly stall holders around us, and I had my portrait drawn by Les Cousins to help here "warm up". It was and enjoyable day meeting people with a consistent run of purchasers of all walks. While we didn’t earn enough for me to quit my day job just yet, it was certainly worth the effort and a big thank you to all our cheery & chiily customers, I hope you enjoyed our ware’s. The surprise favourite seller for the day was the boxed small teddybears which were commented on by many passers-by and our small display of Gingerbread Houses drew many folk in. Our tripple ginger Tassies also sold well.
We’re keen to be present again soon, though our visits to the market may be inconsistent, depending on casual site availability and our volume of wholesale orders.
If you’re looking for us and we’re not there, Norman and Dann located next to the Retro Cafe have a range of our products for sale.




Delicious soft smooth handmade award winning recipe available in 6 varieties including Gluten Free!
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