Kitchen fitout Complete!

From This – our humble home kitchen and gingerbread making site for the past two years …

To This – our new kitchen in Mertonvale Circuit.

Final Council inspection will be this Friday, 25th Sept.
If all goes well, we’ll be baking yummy Tasmanian Gingerbread here from NEXT WEEK!

Thanks to the Hobart City Council for their support in allowing us to build up our business from home.
Time to move on and step it up 🙂

Also thanks to all the well wishers for their comments of encouragement and support – and of course all our customers, without whom none of this would have happened, we look forward to your continued support. Also a special thanks to everyone involved in helping us put our new kitchen together.



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2 Responses to Kitchen fitout Complete!

  1. Carol says:

    Now there really is "no place like home!\’\’ Enjoy its return.

  2. Tas says:

    Thanks .. it\’s great to finally have our home back 🙂

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