sILLy SeaSOn apPrOAcheS ..

Long time between updates … We’ve been busy winning awards!
At the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards 2010, our 3D Train took out a GOLD medal while two other entries took out Silver and Bronze awards.
Christmas is fast approaching and we’re very busy already, so get your orders in FAST to avoid missing out. This week started with six orders before lunch on Monday, including one wholesale order approaching $8000! It seems some people just can’t get enough of Tasmanian Gingerbread.

We’ve now tested our gingerbread after 5 months in our new bags and the results are very pleasing, with no degredation in quality or flavour. We’ll continue to test over the next few months to accertain if we can safely increase the suggested "best before" date further.

A few months ago, we were approached by a margarine manufacturer and given a sample to trial in our product. A small test batch was produced and blind taste tested around friends and some regular customers, but it left a different feel on the palate. Rest assured, we won’t compromise our delicious gingerbread recipe, despite the margarine being much cheaper than the butter we continue to use.

Salamanca Market: we’re now into the crazy time of year with more stalls vying for the limited casual sites as the weather improves and Christmas approaches. We intend to attend the market every weekend but unfortunately it’s not always possible. If you can’t find us there, feel free to pop into our Kingston shop for your supply of Tasmanian Gingerbread.


Delicious soft smooth handmade award winning recipe available in 6 varieties including Gluten Free!
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