We’ve updated our website and added a new web based QUOTE/ORDER FORM page.
This easy to use no obligation form allows for 6 different products using pull down menus and fields for extra information, more items can be added in the ‘Additional Information’ field if required or further forms can be sent. All fields have helpfull tips if hovered over. The submit button sends the completed form to our email. We will reply with a quote before your order confirmation. FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS are most welcome as we refine the form.
There’s also a new feedback/contact form on our contacts page, some changes to Terms and conditions, some new photos and other superficial changes.

SALAMANCA MARKET: we will be down towards the bottom of the market on the lawn side this week (13/2).

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No stall this week …

Tasmanian Gingerbread won’t be attending Salamanca Market this Saturday (23/1) as we are too far down the casual waiting list. We hope to be there next week.
Our shop in Mertonvale Circuit, Kingston is open from 9-2pm Mon to Friday for cash sales only at this stage. We’re currently in the process of fitting out and stocking our small retail area with not only delicious gingerbread, but soon cookie cutters, 3D cake tin hire, cake decorating items including candles, colour pastes, cup cake wrappers and other similar items will be available from us.
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Happy New Year!

After a short recovery camping trip over New Year’s where our tent seemed more like a kite, we’re now back baking and taking orders.
The website had a quick update last night and our red marquee be up the TOP END of SALAMANCA MARKET this Saturday!

We will be taking another longer break in early February, so please allow for when ordering.

Best wishes to all for the new year! Party

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Last chance for Christmas …

Our red stall will be up the top end of Salamanca Market Saturday 19th December! This is your last chance to grab some of our yummy gingerbread for Christmas directly from us. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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December .. NO MORE ORDERS!

Unfortunately for our customers, we aren’t able to
take any more orders for Christmas and December!

We simply can’t keep up, with demand more than a tripling since last year, despite our larger kitchen and a team of enthusiastic helpers. We’d like to apologise to our loyal customers who sadly miss out and thank you all for your overwhelming support.

We are attempting to attend Salamanca Market on Saturday’s in the lead up to Christmas.
We’re number three on the waiting list for a site this week …

Many of our outlets are well stocked, consumers best get in early!

Keep on running ..

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Christmas Gingerbread

Our Tasmanian Gingerbread Christmas Range is now available from our Salamanca Stall most Saturdays. Get them while you can .. our product has a 4 month shelf life and we can’t guarantee we’ll be there every week as we’re in the casual stall holder pool. Our Christmas Gingergread is also available from many of our wholesale outlets. If you can’t find us at the Market, the ‘Norman and Dann’ store, also in Salamanca has a huge range.

Our new kitchen is going great guns, but we are still struggling to keep up with increasing demand! Despite being able to bake almost three times the amount per day than we could at home and now empolying 3 casual staff to help us, we’ve been inundated with large orders from our regular stores and many new wholesale customers, particularly from the mainland. If you want our Christmas gingerbread, ORDER NOW or you may miss out!

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Salamanca Market

We missed Salamanca Market last week due to an influx of wholesale Christmas orders, despite now being able to employ three helpers!
Our stall will be up the Davey Street end ‘Salamanca Heights", this Saturday 17/10.
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Kitchen finished .. we’re in!

We’re finally baking in our new kitchen at 12C Mertonvale Circuit, Kingston! Party
Fortunately, just in time to start baking the big Christmas orders that have been rolling in, as last year we were up till 1am most nights decorating and packing in our home kitchen so as to keep up.
The retail area won’t be open for some time yet, but pre-ordered orders can now be picked up from the site.
Our new phone and fax number is (03) 6239 3800 – we’re still sorting out a few bugs with our new printer/fax though. If you have any problems call Natasha on her mobile – 0408 5533 70, or send us and email: tasgingerbread@hotmail.com.

Our website: run.to/tasgingerbread has had some changes to coincide with the opening.

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Kitchen fitout Complete!

From This – our humble home kitchen and gingerbread making site for the past two years …

To This – our new kitchen in Mertonvale Circuit.

Final Council inspection will be this Friday, 25th Sept.
If all goes well, we’ll be baking yummy Tasmanian Gingerbread here from NEXT WEEK!

Thanks to the Hobart City Council for their support in allowing us to build up our business from home.
Time to move on and step it up 🙂

Also thanks to all the well wishers for their comments of encouragement and support – and of course all our customers, without whom none of this would have happened, we look forward to your continued support. Also a special thanks to everyone involved in helping us put our new kitchen together.

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New kitchen almost done!

Just got back from the shop. Most thing’s are now in the kitchen – except the oven (that’s gonna be ‘fun’) and a few shelves. Plumber will be in tomorrow to hook up the sinks. Should be baking next week! YAY 🙂

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